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 CM 1500

Model CM1500

CM1500 with 
426 Hopper Assy


Special PD-2000
 with Collapseable Main Auger 
for Underground Mines & Tunnels

The "CM" models will handle mortars, concretes, refractories, plasters, stucco, grout, fireproofing, or any pre-mixed material.  Can be used as a mixer to feed grout, mortar, concrete and shotcrete pumps.  Can also be used as a predampener and feeder to gunite machines or as a mixer/feeder to a concrete bucket or wheelbarrow. 

Standard Features:
  • Precise water/material ratios
  • Handles all kinds of dry and pre-mixed materials
  • Handles up to 1/2" aggregates
  • Output capacity up to 475 lbs. per minute (15 tons per hour)
  • Complete with water meter assembly
  • Mixer can be adapted for silo or bulk bag feeding
  • One-man operation, easy to clean, no waste


Handles most pre-blended materials that have to be pre-dampened or made into a wet mix.  Moisture content is precisely controlled by engineered spray jets.  Quick-release of rubber troughs allows instant access to augers for easy cleaning.  Air or electric power output capacity up to 10 ton per hour.  Can also be used as a material conveyor of material to open top rotary guns (Reed or Piccola), and as a wet mixer to concrete pumps.

Click on the following pictures to see close-ups of the CM models:

Water Meter

Water Booster Pump

4 Spray Head Manifold

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