RFI manufactures and distributes a full line of equipment and accessories for the refractory, gunite, shotcrete, fireproofing, stucco/plaster, grout, mortar and specialty cement industries.   Below are some of the items we offer:

        Batch Guns
Rotary Spray Guns
RG-50      LOVA
SOVA      Piccola
        Paddle and Pan Mixers
Continuous Mixers
        Metallurgy Injectors
Spreading Hoppers
EAF Slingers
Vibrators & Tampers
        Storage Hoppers
Grout Pumps
        Concrete/Shotcrete Pumps
Ladle Scissor Lift Work Station

        Gunite Rigs
        Reed Rotary Guns
        Pool Rigs
Wet Shotcrete
            Plastering Rig
Continuous Mixers & Pre-Dampeners
        Gunite Nozzles
        Hoses & Nozzles
        Trowels, Cutting Rods, Jiffy Jacks
          Curved Cutting Blades, Shooting Wire, 
          Curved Fresnos
  Water Booster Pump
Shotcrete & Mortar Pumps:
Rotor/Stator Grout Pumps
        Concrete/Shotcrete Pumps
        Hoses & Nozzles
            Wet Spray Nozzles
            Shotcrete Nozzles
Fireproofing, Plaster, Speciality Cement:
Paddle and Pan Mixers
Continuous Mixers
Self Leveling Mixers & Pumps
        Fireproofing Mixers & Pumps
        Manhole Repair Grout Pumps & Spraying Nozzles
Stucco/Plaster Spray Pumps
Grout Pumps
        Hoses, Trowels, & Nozzles
            Gunite Nozzles
            Shotcrete Nozzles
            Plaster/Fireproofing/Mortar Nozzles

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