Model RG50

The model RG50 Rotor Gun has the capacity to pneumatically place material at rates up to 5 tons per hour.  It will convey material horizontally for over 500 feet and vertically over 250 feet.  The RG50 can handle aggregate sizes to 3/4 inch.  By using the appropriate Rotor Assembly, outlet spout and nozzle assembly, the RG50 can be operated with gunite hoses ranging from 1 inch to 2 inch inside diameter.  The Feed Rotor Assembly may be powered by air or electric motor.

The RG50 Rotor Gun can handle regular gunning mixes and refractory materials weighing from 40 lbs. per cu. ft. to high density castables weighing over 150 lbs. per cu. ft.  Automatic controls are available whereby the nozzleman can start and stop the Rotor Gun at will, regardless of his distance from the machine.

It has proven itself on jobs such as Guniting and placing of Refractory Gun Mixes and Castables, Fire Proofing, Bridge Repairs, Restorations and Fiberous Shotcrete.


  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Can be operated by unskilled labor
  • Even and continuous flow of materials
  • Stationary models available
  • Uniform wetting of gunning material
  • Decreased labor costs

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